What is Water Pollution?

December 14, 2008

In recent years, with many world was the environment in recent years. In the last A few years environmental issues have gained much attention and was content at the forefront of media coverage. One of the hot topics of environmental concerns Many of the discussions is the Water Pollution

What is water pollution?

Water pollution can be defined as the contamination of water resources and resources through
hazardous waste such as sewage, asbestos, nitrates and phosphorus. Undoubtedly, too
Damage caused to the water supply of these pollutants. These pollutants have
are polluting drinking water and killing fish and marine animals.

So now we have answered the question, what is water pollution, we should look
how water pollution happens and what can be done to correct the problem.

What is water pollution? From;

In the United States, most of the water pollution is a direct consequence of the industry. Most of the
Productive use of fresh water carry away large numbers of waste, then
published in streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. Only recently, the National Water Quality
Inventory has announced that more than 40% of the lakes, rivers and estuaries in the United States
is too dirty to fish or swim in. You forget this is a viable source of drinking water
the fact that it is so dirty.

So, what is the pollution of water in it for future generations?

If the current situation does not change, there is a lack of sustainable water eligible OS
in the near future. The over-abundance of fertilizer, causing the so-called ┬źdead zone┬╗ by
Making their way into the water from the performance. This in turn causes the surplus
Algae to extracting oxygen from the water source. Apart from robbing the
These algae oxygen blocking sunlight on the water below.

This involvement of sunlight at the lower results on fallen aquatic plants, leading to
even lower levels of oxygen in the water. And so these dead zones for the death of
many fish and marine animals living and adversely affect the ecosystem and the delicate balance
the water systems.

What are the costs of water pollution in relation to fixing the problem? That is another question
to check if water pollution. Giving water pollution is a problem can be
seems like an insurmountable task, but can actually be done through a small step at a time.

Each person can help reduce water pollution. It may simply by removing
their own trash and proper disposal of IT. Not only that the other practical things that should be
, Is to stop water pollution as

1), with smaller, or not, fertilizers and pesticides.

2) the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and personnel,

3) for the planting of buffer zones around the plants of rivers and lakes, as a natural filter,

4) the imposition of hard water purity laws already in force.

Most importantly, however, individuals can play their role with the word and help educate
other people about the dangers on the water, such as pollution and curb the flood and turn things around.
If everyone does their part, it is likely that in future people will ask what is the pollution of water,
because there are no more polluted water.